Welcome to the Athal Splice Database

The Arabidopsis thaliana Splice Database (ASD) is a web-based browser tool that allows researchers to visually manipulate the splice junctions found across the Arabidopsis genome. For any gene of interest, the splicing pattern of the reference transcript can be viewed and altered. In particular, by graphically manipulating the splicing pattern, the predicted effects of alternative, constitutive, and novel splicing events can be observed on the transcript structure as well as changes in the amino acid composition of the protein product.

The Probe Generation tool allows users to download the entire sequence space, which defines the entire set of splice-junctions in the TAIR10 annotation of Arabidopsis thaliana. These probe sequences can serve as a reference for any alignment program, allowing users to rapidly query the expression or usage of each splice junction in an RNA-Seq dataset.

Get started by searching for the gene of your choice via its At-number (e.g. AT1G01040).

How are the predicted domains determined?

The predicted domains are calculated using RPS-BLAST. All of the hits with an e-value below 0.0001 are reported and displayed on the genomic sequence that encodes them.

I found a bug/I have a question.

While we have tested the splice db across a variety of representative loci, due to the extensive variation in loci there will be bugs that we have not accounted for. If you encounter a bug or have any questions, please send an email to hpriest AT danforthcenter.org. We will do our best to resolve these problems quickly.